Collect idea’s and opinions

  • Proven methodology
  • Process oriented
  • Use standardized process inventory questionnaires
  • Create your own with the Pro version
  • Create a solid Support Base for specific actions
  • Easy prioritation
  • Collects opinions of stakeholders

Use your Stakeholders input

QAtool is an ideal instrument for a structured analysis of possible opportunities for improvements.

If you use the ideas from your stakeholders, you will create a solid Support Base.


For consultants, projectmanagers and interim managers

  • Proven method for performance improvement

  • Collect ideas and opinions online

  • Content available for fast inventories

  • Easy to use in workshops

  • Improve transparancy

Options for advanced users:

  • Create your own questionnaires

  • Offer your questionnaires to QAtool and receive a fee if others use them

  • Let us improve QAtool together

Try it




1 User

1 Project

USM teaser

100 respondents 






Plus version


€ 600,-

annual fee

1 User

Max 4 projects per year

incl. USM-High Level

Incl. 6 USM questionnaires

Max 500 respondents

Other Questionnaires in QAtool shop

Extra project € 150,-

Pricing excl. VAT


Pro version


€ 2.500,-

annual fee

1 user

Max 10 projects per year

incl. USM-High level

Incl. 6 USM questionnaires

Max 2500 respondents

Design your own questionnaires

Extra project € 150,- 

Pricing excl. VAT



Try it and see how it work

Contact us and we will provide you with a test-licence




Using  QAtool repeatedly lead to unexpected insights and ideas!

I save time in administration, analyzing results and compiling recommendations.

The fact that I can work with othe QAtool-users provides me with an option of being the lead-consultant in a multidisciplinairy team of consultants, each with their own expertise.

Wim de Kievid

Consulting services for Small- and Medium sized production oriëntated organizations, Owner of "Organad" and "De Diamantmijn"

Continuous improvement

Many solutions are known with the employees, clients and suppliers. QAtool is designed to be used as a pragmatic tool te collect ideas. We believe strongly that many consultants are willing to share their questionnaires. We want to provide a platform with your knowledge.

QAtool offers client the unique option of sharing their questionnaires with other consultants. We value your input and if we add it to the QAtool shop you can expect a fee when others start using it. Please note that we validate questionnaires according to our own standards.

If you want to change existing questionnaires you can do so by subscribing to a PRO licence and recreate the questionnaire in the way you prefer.